Take Control

Take Control of your Digital Archive - LightRocket Media Manager comes with all the tools you need to securely manage, publish and distribute a vast range of digital assets.

Manage Users

Review, approve and suspend user accounts and quickly set flexible viewing and download rights for each user.

Set Access

Create 'access flags' like 'Internal' or 'Confidential' to restrict viewing and/or downloading to permitted users. And add or rename your access flags as you like.

Publish and Display

Decide which files and/or galleries to publish or withdraw from your website. Quickly change your homepage setup or re-order your galleries. Showcase the very best of your archive with just a few clicks.


Ease your workload by delegating editing and publishing powers to designated 'Publishing Editors' who can manage pre-defined groups of contributors.


LightRocket Media Manager comes with built-in Customer Relations Management (CRM) functionality. Create targeted user groups so you can quickly email the right people at the right time.

Manage Your Archive

LightRocket Media Manager is crammed with relevant and intuitive functionality. Whether you want to batch input metadata, or move contributor files into an admin-only folder, or re-order the files in a gallery, the system is simple, fast and leaves you in control.