Downloading files from LightRocket is secure, easy and generates a record for each download.

Control who can Download

Flexible download rights for preferred clients allow you to control who can login and download files, how long they can download for and whether they can download high res or screen-sized images.

Allow One-off Downloads

Send a private access link to single or multiple email addresses or even to a pre-defined group of users. Allow viewing only or grant viewing and downloading access. Set file sizes, and control how many times a link can be used before it expires. You have total control.

Download Security

Every download is recorded and you can easily review and edit usage details, ensuring you always know when, how and by whom your downloaded files were used.

Automated Download Follow-up

Turn on LightRocket's unique automated download follow-up service. Decide on the frequency of email reminders that are sent to users who have downloaded files. Users receive a link to a page where they can report usage of downloaded files. Alternatively you can fill in the usage details yourself.

Build up a Usage History

Want to know if a file has been used too many times by your organization? Instantly track file usage from file usage history in the preview panel.

Send via FTP

Send files to your clients by FTP at the size you want and save FTP site login details for future use.