Archive Management

LightRocket Media Manager is crammed with useful and intuitive functionality designed to deliver a smooth user experience while simplifying your digital workflow; resulting in savings of time and money.

Your Archive

Each contributor user can view and edit but not publish the files they upload. Administrators have total control over publishing and setting access to all files.


It's easy to set up a fast and efficient workflow using our batch processing tools including the ability to add caption information or tags (keywords) to selected files without replacing existing content - a huge time saver!


Files can quickly be classified as 'wholly owned' or 'under license' or marked as having consent forms. You can also configure your own access 'flags' so you can, for example, set files to 'Internal' or 'Confidential'.

Publishing and Visibility

Total integration between archive management tools and your public web interface allows you to publish files to your site in a few clicks. While our unique metadata icons and visibility meter, give an at-a-glance appraisal of each file's status in your archive.