You can use these links to view how some organisations are using LightRocket Media Manager.

WPRO uses LightRocket Media Manager for their Media Library



WPRO’s selection of the LightRocket Media Manager platform is a further illustration of just how effective the LightRocket system is for organisations coordinating and managing media workflows in multiple locations. LightRocket has proven ideal for centralising WPRO’s archive and facilitating the ingestion of new material from the field.

EBU uses LightRocket Media Manager for their Media Library


(European Broadcasting Union)

We are very proud that one of the world’s most prestigious media organisations, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), has chosen LightRocket Media Manager to manage its media archives. The EBU has 73 Members in 56 countries in Europe, and an additional 34 Associates in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Forbes Magazine Photographers Upload Assignments using LightRocket Media Manager


New York based magazine Forbes selected LightRocket Media Manager to managing incoming submissions from contributing photographers around the world. Editors use the system for storing archived shoots and distributing primary edits to the relevant departments in the company. The Forbes system is limited to password holders only and is protected by a 'gateway' page.

WIPO using LightRocket Media Manager is an endorsement of our DAM system's security


(World Intellectual Property Organisation)

WIPO selected LightRocket Media Manager to ensure secure and efficient management of its digital archives. That an organisation devoted to the promotion and protection of intellectual property should select LightRocket, is surely a testament to the security, reliability and comprehensive nature of our platform.

SEARO uses LightRocket Media Manager for their Media Library



A sister organisation of WPRO (see above), SEARO has also adopted the LightRocket Media Manager platform.

The International Office of Migration uses LightRocket Media Manager for its Digital Media Library


(International Organization for Migration)

The IOM is another organization that chose LightRocket Media Manager in a competitive bid process against many of the leading digital asset management systems in the market. All of LightRocket Media Manager's clients can upload an unlimited number of files, create as many galleries as they like and have as many users as they want. IOM now has over 800 registered users for their Media Library.

FIM uses our Digital Asset Management System for Photos and Video files


(Federation Internationale du Motocyclisme)

If it's a sport involving anything with two wheels and an engine, it is probably being run by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation). Contributors from around the globe are uploading thousands of images and videos to FIM's LightRocket Media Manager library. FIM's media department uses the system to promote events and control who can download and use files from their impressive supercharged archive.

Dusit Thani uses LightRocket Media Manager for their Media Library

Dusit Thani Hotel Group

The versatility of the LightRocket Media Manager platform was further underscored by the Dusit Thani hotel group which is now using the LightRocket platform to manage its global media archives, including the distribution of marketing materials relating to its properties around the world.

The photo-agency Pacific Press needs fast and efficient file uploads and photo distribution

Pacific Press

(Pacific Press Photo Agency)

The versatility of LightRocket Media Manager is demonstrated by the fact that an international photo-agency, Pacific Press, uses our system to manage the input of hundreds of news images from scores of photographers around the globe on a daily basis. Within minutes the photos are distributed to agencies around the world including Getty Images and Corbis. "Thanks for the wonderful upgrade to your system, our contributors are very happy with the new functionality, especially the drag n drop uploading as in our business, speed is of the essence!"

The photo-agency SOPA Images needs fast and efficient file uploads and photo distribution

SOPA Images

(SOPA Photojournalism Agency)

A new photojournalism agency, SOPA images is now using the LightRocket Media Manager System to distribute their excellent reportage to Picture Editors around the globe. As they hope to recruit many Chinese photographers, we will soon be upgrading their site with a Chinese language version.

The World Scouts Bureau uses our DAM system for global distribution of its Photography archive

World Scout Bureau

The World Scout Bureau adopted the LightRocket Media Manager system and has migrated their archives into the system, including rare historical imagery of Baden-Powell.

Alexander Lamont uses LightRocket Media Manager for their Media Library

Alexander Lamont

We are thrilled that Alexander Lamont, one of Thailand’s leading design companies, has chosen the LightRocket platform to manage its extensive and fast growing media archives. The company has already archived over 100,000 files and counting, integrating LightRocket Media Manager into its daily media workflow.

LightRocket Media Manage can be used for Photography Competitions and Contests


(The Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand)

The Foreign Correspondent's Club of Thailand organises one of Asia's most prestigious annual photojournalism competitions, which is hosted using the LightRocket system. Hundreds of photographers from around the globe are able to quickly upload and submit their essays and single images into appropriate contest categories. "Lovely and simple interface, some of the other big photo contests should think about using the LightRocket system." - Patrick Brown, World Press winner and contestant.